What Do Your Eyelashes Have To Do With Lent? (VIDEO)


Your Eyelashes and Lent?

Peace be with you people. Can we talk about the word reconciliation, which we have now all accepted as a less threatening term for the sacrament of penance or confession. That word reconciliation is a  composite of re, con and cilium literally from Latin it means “again with eyelashes or eyelids.” You know a child when he’s caught with his hand in the cookie jar immediately looks down when his mother chastises him?

You won’t look your mother square in the eye and admit that you’ve done something wrong. Adam did when they were caught in the garden, they looked away from God. They hid from him. Well I’m telling you,

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So, let me suggest that in this season of holy Lent you choose this year to bare it all before the Lord.

No time like the present

Make not a good confession but attempt to make the best confession that you have ever made. Seek out a respected confessor, and ask your friends who is a good confessor. Or ask your priest to whom he goes to confession. Even contemplate a general confession and by that (if you don’t know what that means) that means you say you’ll make an appointment with a priest (if you will not say that you wish to make a general confession) going over what is the entirety of your adult life.

Because I tell you, in judgment there will be no place to hide, and batting your eyelashes is going to serve absolutely no purpose except to probably fan the flames that you’re about to inherit. So would you please do your best to be reconciled again. With your eyelashes look at God square in the eye, and beg for the grace to be able to see yourself as he sees you.

Beg for the grace so that when you see him face-to-face at your judgment, there will be nothing except a glance that is not averted, only a glace that allows you already to begin the beatific vision. Benedictions on your Lent.



  1. Jason R-1427276 March 28, 2017 Reply

    How can someone hid something during a confession?

  2. Elaine P. March 8, 2017 Reply

    looked up the latin meaning of cilium : ( yep eyelashes).
    Some single-celled organisms use the rhythmical motion of cilia for locomotion. Cilia is the plural of cilium, a Latin word referring to the edge of the eyelid and, much later, to the eyelashes. Cilia came to be known fine hairlike projections from cells.

  3. Brian-391948 March 6, 2017 Reply

    The etymology given here seems fanciful. The Oxford English Dictionary does not support it. According to that authority, “reconcile” is ultimately derived from the prefix “re” and the Latin “conciliāre,” which means “to bring together. There are no eyelashes here.

  4. Donna-1424441 March 5, 2017 Reply

    This was a great Lenten article….it makes me desire to be clean and unashamed at the last judgement. It’s so refreshing to be on a dating website with such articles as this!

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