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Guiding you to Mr. or Mrs. Right
Guiding you to Mr. or Mrs. RightIf you are a first time CatholicMatch user, or have been here for a bit and are looking to jump-start your search, these tips are provided to guide you in the direction of Mr. or Ms. Right. No matter where you are in your dating situation, remember that meeting new people and conversing with them can, and should, be fun and exciting. Compare and contrast your current CatholicMatch usage with the advice offered here.Upload a profile photo and at least five album photos. Don’t be shy when it comes time to let the CatholicMatch community know who you are. After all, doesn’t a picture speak a thousand words? For better or worse, profiles without pictures are lost in the background while photos with clear, bright, smiling faces are welcoming. Additionally, pictures in the album can tell a story far more wonderfully than words.When you make the commitment to become a member, allow yourself enough time to sit down and completely fill out the profile information. Skipping questions doesn’t allow for a complete picture to be painted; after all, you want the other person to get to know the real you. All of the profile questions have been carefully chosen to bring out your true personality and life. Conversely, nothing is more frustrating than excitedly clicking on a match only to see the profile is mostly empty or written with stock answers. Next.

Your Personal InterviewYour Personal InterviewAfter filling out all of the profile questions, you then have a unique opportunity to create your own QuiztiqueTM personal interview. This section is all you – be silly, serious or anything in between! With up to 20 slots available, pop-quizzes were never this fun. Let your personality shine while also learning more about the person answering your questions. Who is your favorite Disney character; where do you like to vacation; what kind of car are you; what is your favorite section in the Bible? The choices are endless, fun and informative.When setting your own personal match criteria, there are certainly no wrongs or rights. The computer will follow the parameters you request. This is similar to a search that you would initiate in live time, except that once a week the database is automatically scoured and results forwarded to you, assuring that potential partners are not missed as they join the community.

The search aspect of the site can be viewed in St. Peter’s pre-Jesus terms – think of yourself going fishing, with two options available. Start out baiting the hook and slinging a line into the water right in front of you. Your catch may be located right under the bow. The other way is to dare to cast the net out into the deep, allowing for many to be brought aboard and sorted through. These same ideals can be applied to searching CatholicMatch. Start with a narrow search close to home with all of your criteria. After a period of time, allow yourself to wander from those ideals and see who else might be out there. Your potential soul mate may live 51 miles away, so to continue to stay at 50 miles and under could be your loss. Don’t box yourself in so much that God has to laugh at your perfectly laid plans with your set-in-stone standards. Remember, Thy will, not my will.

Making the Connection
Making the ConnectionKnow that the message forums are full of potential friends. The forum area of CatholicMatch is 100% initiated by the members, with questions and opinions freely offered. Even the shyest person has questions or concerns that can be posted for others to help answer. And, once you begin to take part in this Catholic community, you will become familiar with other members and form friendships. Even if your main priority is to find a partner, wouldn’t it be nice to meet some great Catholic friends along the way?A free and easy way to connect with others (and hey, who doesn’t like free and easy!) is through the use of CatholicMatch’s exclusive emotigrams. These mini-messages are a fast, convenient way to connect with other users and make their day. Many couples who have met on CatholicMatch say their first contact was with one of these uplifting little smiley faces or religious symbols. Also, know that these are perfectly reasonable for either a man or woman to initiate sending as an ice-breaker. Think of an emotigram in the context of catching the eye of someone you find attractive in public and smiling at him or her – it shows that you are receptive to meeting and talking.
Chat the Day Away

Chat the Day Away

CatholicMatch now has an in-line chat system that is a first for any singles website. This demonstrates CatholicMatch’s continuing commitment to being a leader in technology and innovation. And, it is so easy to use, even…well, you know the rest. Simply click on an online member’s text-bubble icon to initiate a chat and wait for them to respond. It is that effortless to connect in real-time!

Engage to become engaged! Your participation and involvement with CatholicMatch is vital, similar to the light of Christ: if hidden under a bushel, no one can experience it – but when the basket is removed, goodness spreads out and can be enjoyed. Stay active by logging in often. The more you engage in the activities this site has to offer, the better your chances of becoming engaged!

  • Upload a profile photo and at least 5 album photos
  • Submit a fully complete profile
  • Create a Quiztique
  • Set match criteria
  • Try broad as well as narrow searches
  • Post in the message forums
  • Send Unique messages
  • Send lots of emotigrams
  • Initiate a Chat
  • Stay active by logging on often