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Safety First
Safety FirstCatholicMatch offers a platform in which two Catholic members can preview each others’ profile, make a connection, fall in love and get married. However, safety precautions need to be taken in any dating situation, whether the person was introduced by a friend, met at a church function or encountered here on this site. Despite many provisions taken when registering members, humans have free will, so prudence should be exercised to shield yourself from others’ ill-intentions. These tips can, and should, be used in every dating situation, not just with people met on-line.
Slow and Steady Wins the raceSlow and Steady Winds the RaceFirst, don’t move too quickly. Even if the other person seems to be “the one” or “perfect,” take your time and enjoy the process. You wouldn’t blindly buy a car knowing only the brochure information and a picture anymore than you should trust someone from a few sentences and emails. If they are truly the person from the profile, it will come out over time.Be cautious with all personal information. Respect should permeate communication and conversation early and throughout any relationship. Solicitations for money or personal information before ever meeting should never happen. Even after meeting, a courtship period should ensue as you get to know each other better. If anything seems peculiar at any time, ask a friend for guidance or advice before responding. Sometimes being so close to the situation clouds reasoning.

Also along the lines of proceeding cautiously, protect your personal email and phone numbers. Utilizing your CatholicMatch profile’s email messaging system and exclusive chat option allows two people to get to know each other in a safe, guarded manner. These options serve as a buffer, allowing time after the initial greeting to determine compatibility without compromising security. If someone is pressuring you unnecessarily for your personal email or phone number, be wary.

Do your own check-ups. The Internet is a wonderful tool. Not only can it connect two people, it can also be used to deliver information right to your fingertips. There is probably more information than we care to know about ourselves floating around in cyberspace; but, if followed through correctly, it can really help in making informed decisions. Many employers are now exploring social websites and searching a person’s name to learn their background…so, if it is good enough to be used by a company’s human resources department, it could be a strong tool for you to draw conclusions from as well.

Meeting Your Match
Meeting Your MatchAlways, always make your first meeting in a public place, driving yourself to the location. There are many wonderful eateries that, while busy, still afford the space for two people to sit and get to know each other. And beyond the obvious safety reasons for driving separately, you may thank yourself after a less than compatible first meeting.Do to others as you would have them do to you. – Luke 6:31
Use christian charity when you are interacting with other members, be it in the forums or when responding to someone who has reached out to you. Remember that your responses to topics help to paint a picture of you. Be honest, but in a way that does not demean. That way, you won’t ever have to be sorry or wish you could have pulled back a response. The same advice can be given in declining advances. Think about how you would feel if you reached out and were shunned harshly or dismissed without a response. Simply tell the person that you are not interested and wish them God’s blessings in the future.
We've Got Your Back
We've got your backFinally, if a situation arises that does move to a concern level, please use CatholicMatch’s Customer Service to report the incident and user. We will do everything in our power to research the problem, or user, and take appropriate action. Know that CatholicMatch is here for you and your safety.

  • Be prudent
  • Be cautious with personal information
  • Be cautious with email, phone or chat
  • Do your own check-ups
  • First time meetings in public
  • Use Christian Charity
  • Report Concerns About a User to CatholicMatch