» Author: Ed Morrissey

Ed Morrissey Hot Air senior editor and correspondent Ed Morrissey began publishing political and cultural analysis in 2003 at his own site, Captain's Quarters. In 2004, Ed became part of the Northern Alliance Radio Network and broadcast weekend shows in the Twin Cities. In 2008, after working briefly for Blog Talk Radio, Ed joined Hot Air as a senior editor. Two years later, Michelle Malkin sold Hot Air to Salem Communications as part of its Townhall subsidiary. The Ed Morrissey Show has been seen online since 2007, and Ed regularly guest hosts shows on the Salem Radio Network and on Relevant Radio. Ed writes political commentary and reports on events; in 2013, Ed reported for Hot Air from the Vatican during the Papal Conclave. Ed lives in the Twin Cities with his wife Marcia. His son, daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters live nearby. Ed and Marcia are recent graduates of the Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute, and both are catechists at their local parish.

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