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Mission & Purpose

Extraordinary work is being done in the Church by Marriage and Family Life ministries throughout the country. The Church provides valuable instruction to engaged couples and continues to support family life.

Due to various cultural changes, however, the number of single Catholics continues to grow (27 million in the United States), while the rate of Catholics getting married in the Church is dropping. Actively addressing the particular needs of single Catholics is essential in the Church’s work to build a culture that values marriage and family life.

Building a Foundation for Marriage

Knowing the Church desires to address the needs of this growing population, we have established the CatholicMatch Institute For Dating & Marriage Readiness in order to work with Marriage and Family Life ministries in support of single Catholics.

The CatholicMatch Institute is primarily focused on promoting resources to help single Catholics develop a strong foundation for marriage.

We also hope the Institute will serve as a platform for those who have a passion for better preparing single Catholics to discern the path to marriage. In addition to our own material, the CatholicMatch Institute wants to magnify the efforts and talents of publishers, ministries, parishes and dioceses who have valuable resources for assisting singles. If we help single Catholics to properly discern their future spouses, with God’s grace there will be fewer struggling and broken marriages down the road.

What We Do

  1. Advocacy: Be an advocate for single Catholics in order to raise awareness of the issues that this important and growing group faces.
  2. Programs: Develop and promote resources to help single Catholics be more dating and marriage ready.
  3. Scholarships: Provide scholarships to dioceses, parishes and groups so that single Catholics have greater access to educational programs.


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