» Phlegmatic and Phlegmatic

 This is not a typical combination for marriage partners, unless at least one of the spouses has a strong secondary temperament. But, when two phlegmatics enter a relationship, you will find that you both appreciate cooperation, peace, and harmony. You appreciate routine, order, and calmness. You are both patient and easy-going. You are tolerant, accepting of annoyances, do not dwell on grievances, and rarely ever engage in power struggles. You value commitment.

But, because you are so relaxed, you may find it difficult for one partner to exert strong leadership. Discussing difficult topics (which will inevitably arise in a relationship) will be a struggle and you may want to avoid it, because you both are sensitive and averse to conflict. Both take conflict too personally. So both are indirect and may not be comfortable initiating, and that can become boring. Set goals and prioritize so that conflict avoidance doesn’t lead to sweeping problems under the rug. Laziness and procrastination are often a temptation with this temperament. You may become a boring couple — reluctant, uninvolved, averse to risk and change. Strive for big goals to counter this. Keep focused and on track. Pay extra attention to diet and fitness. Try not to be withdrawn, or to avoid difficult situations because you don’t “feel” like it.

You probably prefer structured environments; but too much duty may take the fun out of a relationship. Try to schedule special times for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and romantic getaways. Seek out ways to include openness, disclosure, fun and passion in your relationship. Structured and planned “getaways” might offer this opportunity.