Falling into record growth
CatholicMatch is experiencing record growth this year, and we credit you, our members. Thank you for being such fine ambassadors of our site! This is the inaugural issue of the monthly CatholicMatch newsletter. It's designed to help you keep in touch, providing information and inspiration for the journey. Here at CatholicMatch, we're ramping up our communication while seeking new ways to meet your needs. As always, we rely on your feedback to do that.
To kiss or not to kiss
CatholicMatch prides itself in the dynamic, supportive community it provides members. One way it achieves this is by hosting 40 forums (private discussion rooms), each dedicated to a specific topic. St. Joseph's Room is for job seekers and career builders. St. Thomas Aquinas' Room is always buzzing with theological discussion. And Abraham & Sarah's Room is for members who are 45 and older. (We're not saying you're old; we're just saying you're wiser and more experienced than younger members.)
New blog broadens conversation
On Sept. 2 CatholicMatch launched "Faith, Hope & Love," a blog named after our members, who demonstrate limitless faith, hope and love. The blog is updated at least once a day and already has served up a ton of great content.

Award-winning Catholic writer Maria Wiering has examined "emerging adulthood," pondered the impact of debt on a budding romance and pointed out the absence of prayer in Julia Roberts' new blockbuster "Eat Pray Love."
Tom Teaches Iowa Teens, Seeks Soul Mate
Ladies, if you're looking for a wholesome twenty-something and you don't mind a Polish-Italian mix, it may be time to swing through Iowa. Tom-357630, 27, teaches high-school theology and does youth ministry in Mason City, Iowa. Tom-357630, 27, teaches high-school theology and does youth ministry in Mason City, Iowa. He's been on CatholicMatch since March 2008 and his favorite feature is the instant messaging. "It's a good way to get the ball rolling with a simple conversation," he said.
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Mingling in the Midwest
There will be lots of meeting and greeting in the Midwest this fall, thanks to CM Events our wonderful members are planning.

Juli-369533 is coordinating an Oct. 2 outing at the Brookfield Zoo outside Chicago.

is inviting folks to Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 8-10. Janet-83198 is calling for an outdoorsy-gathering in Wisconsin the following weekend. And

- yay, a male event planner! - is rounding up CMers to enjoy the nightlife in Chicagoland.
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