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How involved are you in the pro-life movement?

Nov 11th 2016

106 votes 2 comments

How important is money to you?

Oct 14th 2016

215 votes 9 comments

Is Having Children Very Important To You?

Sep 22nd 2016

249 votes 18 comments

So what brings you to Catholic Match?

Aug 26th 2016

2314 votes 91 comments

Would you date someone with children?

Aug 1st 2016

331 votes 22 comments

What is your favorite type of entertainment?

Jul 20th 2016

164 votes 30 comments

What are you looking for in a relationship?

Jun 16th 2016

70 votes 33 comments

Would you relocate for a significant other?

Jun 10th 2016

41 votes 12 comments

What is your ideal first date?

Feb 18th 2016

2494 votes 91 comments

When do you feel it is appropriate to meet in person?

Jan 14th 2016

111 votes 22 comments

Do long distance relationships work?

Jan 5th 2016

38 votes 24 comments

How often do you pray?

Nov 16th 2015

338 votes 83 comments

What's Harder?

Oct 15th 2015

196 votes 41 comments

Who do you think should initiate contact?

Sep 24th 2015

154 votes 52 comments

What's your favorite Disney movie?

Sep 9th 2015

37 votes 34 comments

How long you been on Catholicmatch?

Aug 31st 2015

260 votes 56 comments

What is your favorite Catholic website?

Aug 27th 2015

1355 votes 122 comments

What kind of music do you prefer at mass?

Aug 13th 2015

180 votes 46 comments

What are you looking for in a relationship?

Jul 30th 2015

159 votes 47 comments

Are You Going To World Youth Day 2016 in Poland?

Jul 30th 2015

31 votes 14 comments